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Startup Design And Development Solutions

End To End Development Solutions For Startups

  • User Research
    Industry Research
  • Customer Analysis
  • Campaign Breakdown
  • Competitive Analysis
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Not all small businesses become billion-dollar startups, only ones that stand unique with their services. We identify the spark in your startup and assist you with scalable solutions to help you prosper.

Before going digital for your Startup, we assist you with industry research to help you understand your target market easily. After that, we head over to custom analysis, understanding the behavior flow of the customer. With a campaign breakdown solution, we help you segregate the split tests to move on to the next step of competitive analysis. Understanding your competitor’s patterns, we provide you with custom web design and development solutions that fit your web development and design needs.

Possible Outputs

  • Subject matter expert interviews
  • Competitive landscape documentation
  • Survey development and distribution
  • Personal identification and development
  • Design pattern research
  • Market analysis and opportunity mapping
  • In-person usability testing
Plan and Perform

Building Scope Of Work For Your Future Prospects

  • User Research
    Customer Research
  • Behavior Analysis

A business that plans out its future prospects is a business that’s built to prosper over time. We assist you in building a scope of work for your future multi-million-dollar startup ever since it’s a seed.

Two major areas where we assist your startup are two essential parts of building up your scope of work. We understand that you need to plan out every move in the book with extensive customer research allowing you to multiply performance standards. Behavior Analysis is another great part of building scope of work. We assist brands in understanding what the customer likes or dislikes, providing complete startup solutions guaranteeing success.

Possible Outputs

  • Process and whiteboard notes
  • Low-fidelity wireframes
  • MVP/Project scope
  • Strategy documentation
  • Feature value, risk, dependencies analysis
  • Release timeline
  • User stories
  • Cost/phase estimations
  • User roles/perspectives
Quality Assurance and Maintenance

Maintaining Quality and Getting You Bug Free

  • User Research
    User Interface Testing
  • User Research
    User Experience Testing
  • User Research
    Rapid Bug Removal
  • Maintenance Solutions
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A Startup with a service and/or product full of errors is nothing but problematic to the user. Hundreds of startups compete daily to become a crowd favorite, yet only a few succeed.

With quality testing solutions, we provide our customers with next-generation testing techniques to ensure any service or product that you may provide digitally, is free from bugs and errors. From UI/UX testing solutions to Rapid Bug Removal for better performance, we’re here to provide you with a clear cube of services.

Possible Outputs

  • Technology recommendations

  • Security risks

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At Clear Cube Digital, we’re a custom design and development company offering technical solutions to industries spread worldwide. We’re a determined set of experienced and renowned designers, developers in the industry distinguishing the mark between good and magnificent.

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